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Living in the Foyer

The Foyer is a place of life and exchange. Consequently, life in community imposes rules on everyone, so that the cohabitation takes place in a pleasant and harmonious way. We therefore appeal to your sense of responsibility and to your awareness of the respect you must have towards each resident. The simple but essential notions of living in common that we ask you will benefit you for your personal and professional life.


We ask you to respect the tranquillity of the Foyer from 10:00 pm to 7:00am in your rooms, corridors and stairs. The reception schedules are large enough to meet your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or requests, or send us an email or contact us via Facebook. (Inside FGW) The staff is at your disposal to listen to you, to exchange on all the subjects that concern you.

Conflict between residents

You are reasonable people so if a problem is created with a resident you must be open to dialogue at first and if that is not enough you must report it to the persons in charge of the home who will take the appropriate measures.


Smoking is strictly forbidden in corridors and public areas. (kitchens) It is a question of security and we will be intransigent on this undisputed rule.


An inventory is made at the entrance and exit. In the event of damage or breakage, we will charge you for replacement or repair. We remind you that you have 4 kitchens at your disposal and that it is therefore forbidden to cook in your room. You do not have to wash your laundry in the sink. Residents maintain their room and make their bed themselves.
Once a week, the maids are obliged to clean the rooms and change the sheets every two weeks.


It is not allowed to plant nails in the walls or make holes in the drill and to bring other furniture than those already included in the room (desk, chair, bed, wardrobe).


If you want to organize a party or a meal, you have to report it to the reception and you will have the possibility to do it at the bar on the 1st floor or on the terrace.


On the first floor you have at your disposal a terrace open all the time, where you can rest, eat, study and celebrate.  It is obvious that this privileged place is also under your responsibility to keep it clean and pleasant. After use, make sure to empty your ashtrays, throw away your bottles, clean the tables and store the chairs and, above all, respect the neighbours, paying attention to the sound volume from 22:00.


Responsibility also involves raising awareness of our environment. We have an organization for waste sorting: garbage / glass / aluminium / PET / paper and cardboard. Your badge gives you access to the dustbin located next to the car park, on the left when leaving the Foyer.


We regularly provide information on the 1st floor, in the elevators and on the Inside FGW group. Take the time to read them and you will find useful and interesting information.

We are pleased to have you here. We wish you a pleasant stay at the George Williams Foyer.