Internal rules


Your card allows you to access the fitness of the UCG – Av. de Sainte-Clotilde 9 – and use its facilities. During your visit to the fitness, please remember to observe these internal rules, so as to make your workout and that of the others workout– a moment of pleasure and relaxation.

In the Fitness

Your member’s card should be left in the appropriate place, at each visit.
Only sports shoes reserved for the exclusive use of fitness are allowed in the fitness room.
Walk-in in barefoot or in socks is totally forbidden in the fitness.
Decent sportswear is required.
You must use a towel for the bodybuilding’s facilities.
Please clean each machine after use
Eating is forbidden.

In the locker room and shower room

Wearing sandals is recommended
A locker is available for use during your workout. You must empty it when you leave.


The facilities must be treated with care.
Any act of destruction or vandalism will result in an immediate exclusion without compensation. However, you will have to pay for any damage you have caused.
Politeness, courtesy and respect for the others are the basis for a lasting collaboration.
Any disrespect towards any users or the staff of the UCG, will result in an immediate exclusion.

For your comfort and safety, Fitness is under video surveillance.

Repeated infringement of these rules will result in termination of the contract and exclusion from the fYtness, without any compensation or refund of the amount of the subscription.

FYtness regulations and video surveillance (pdf)